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An Introduction to AI and Machine Translation

Machine Translation engines such as Google Translate started to gain popularity around the same time as CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools, but reliability and quality of output was quite poor. That’s not to say that they were completely useless; they certainly had their place. The technology has improved significantly in recent years following advancements in AI technology, but we believe the technology will never fully replace human linguists.

AI-powered translation tools pull resources from millions of different sources. Like a Translation Memory, these tools use the translated text in their corpuses to produce translations instantaneously. The key difference is that the resources used by AI translation providers have not been checked and previously approved. The AI uses parts of translated text and linguistic rules to piece together translations for its users.

Using Machine Translation and AI, the Right Way

It’s not usually feasible for a user to run a document through a Machine Translation tool and receive a presentable product. The human brain is wonderfully complex and even in writing, we can pick up on social cues and subtext with relative ease. If I were to write, ‘I drink from glasses because it’s better for the environment,’ an AI translation could render this in Welsh as ‘yfed o sbectol,’ which translates as ‘drinking from spectacles.’ That’s just one example; imagine trying to translate a whole document with these issues cropping up throughout. That’s why you should always have a professional linguist editing your documents.

At BLS, we offer an MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) service with two different service levels – AI Light and AI Plus.

AI Service Levels

AI Light

  • Translation using our industry-leading AI software
  • Expert editing by a professional linguist
  • BLS Quality Assurance process
  • Dedicated in-house Project Manager

Ideal for straightforward content or for large volumes of text needed for understanding or informational purposes only, ‘AI Light’ leverages industry-leading automated translation tools to quickly generate translations, which are then post-edited by an expert native-speaking linguist. This service is best when you need a quick turnaround and your budget is tight, but this service level isn’t recommended for publishable content, for which we recommend an additional round of proofreading by a second linguist.

AI Plus

  • Translation using our industry-leading AI software
  • Expert editing by a professional linguist
  • Proofreading by a second professional linguist
  • BLS Quality Assurance process
  • Dedicated in-house Project Manager

Building on the foundation of ‘AI Light’, ‘AI Plus’ includes an additional human proofreading stage to enhance the quality and ensure a more polished translation. While this level of service includes an additional review stage to guarantee quality, the initial translation is still completed by our AI tools. If you prefer not to have any AI involvement in your project, please consider our Translation Plus service.

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What are the Benefits of our AI-powered Solutions?


Having your document initially translated using AI and then expertly edited by a human linguist significantly speeds up the process for larger projects with strict deadlines.


Translation costs are lower for our AI-powered solutions as the initial translation stage does not require extensive human involvement. Ideal if you have a restricted budget for your project.


The AI engine will learn from each project and work hand in hand with our Translation Memory tools. This means that as the technology improves, additional time and cost efficiencies can be passed on to you, as less time will be required by our linguists to edit your content.

While this service may not be appropriate for all projects, depending on the content and your requirements, it can save you time and money. To find out whether our AI-powered solutions could be a good option for you, contact us via or get a quote.

AI and Machine Translation FAQs

While tools such as Google Translate have their uses, they do not provide the same high-quality output produced by our bespoke AI-powered technology, which is then edited by an expert linguist. Any content inputted to open-access tools such as Google Translate is automatically shared with the tool’s provider, meaning that your data is no longer confidential and secure.

Our AI technology supports a wide range of the most commonly used languages around the world. There are some languages we may not yet be able to support. Please get in touch and we can confirm the different levels of service available for your requested language.

The turnaround time for your project will depend on a number of factors, including document length, complexity and any specific requirements you may have. As a rough guide, our AI-powered translation services can offer a turnaround time that is in the region of 30-50% faster than our standard Translation Plus (TEP) service.

The costs for your project can vary based on several factors such as the language pair, document length and the subject matter. Costs for our AI-powered solutions are typically around 20-40% lower than for our standard services and we always strive to offer competitive and transparent pricing while always delivering accurate and high-quality translations. Head over to our quote form for an accurate price for your project.


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