English Localisation

Speak directly to your global English-speaking audience and increase engagement with the aid of localisation. Ensure that your message is always clear and on brand, wherever your clients or users are located.

What is English Localisation?

Not all variants of English are the same. Localisation is the process of adapting content to the culture, customs and preferences of a specific country or region. This can be anything from making sure that the names of people used in examples are ones that readers would expect to hear in their country, to ensuring that your product or service complies with regional laws. Lots of different types of content can be localised, from marketing campaigns to video games, patient information sheets to websites, and everything in between.

In addition to linguistic and cultural nuances, localisation also involves adapting products and services to meet regulatory and legal requirements specific to a particular country or region. For example, a software product developed in one country may need to comply with data protection laws, currency exchange rates and tax regulations in another country.

At Business Language Services, we work with some of the world’s largest companies to adapt their literature for potential customers worldwide, optimising their copy for all markets. We most commonly adapt English written in the US for a British audience, but we’re also able to provide this service for many other English variants, e.g. English for Australia. Get in touch to let us know your requirements and our friendly team will be able to advise.

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Each English-speaking Market has a Distinct Culture and Set of Values

Why Choose BLS for your English Localisation Needs?

  • We can ensure your content is suitable in the context of your target market
  • In-house staff with extensive experience of English localisation for a variety of global multinationals
  • Track record of localising around 300,000 words per month
  • Native in-country speakers of each English variant

How Does it Work?

During the localisation process, a professional linguist who is well versed in both the source and target cultures and languages will go through the content, making changes to culture-specific references so that it can be understood by the intended audience. An example of this is adapting a Patient Information brochure originally published in US English for a global audience, accounting for the differences in healthcare systems and taking into account culture-specific norms.

Localisation, when done right, can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring specialised expertise and resources. It involves not only linguistic and cultural knowledge but also technical skills, such as software development, design and testing. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to partner with experienced and reliable localisation service providers, such as BLS, who can deliver high-quality results on time and within budget.

English Localisation FAQs

Localisation is a crucial component of any global business strategy. It enables businesses to effectively communicate with their target audience, build brand awareness and loyalty, and expand their market share.

Potential consumers are much more likely to engage with a product or service if they feel like the content has been tailored to them and they can trust the literature promoting it. By investing in skilled resources to adapt products and services to meet the needs of local markets, businesses can increase their reach, engagement and revenue.

Yes! Translating your website content to the language used in another country is one step in building a market there, but thorough localisation by an expert is required to build a competitive edge and make your brand stand out. If you can demonstrate that your brand respects local culture and norms, it’s much easier to build customer trust and convert website visits into sales or engagement.

The time needed to localise your content will depend on a few factors, including the type and word count of your content, the complexity of the subject matter, the specific English-speaking market you’re targeting, and any specific customisation requirements you may have. Generally, each linguist is able to localise around 5,000-8,000 words a day, and our capacity can be scaled up to involve multiple linguists if required.

The cost to localise your content will vary based on several factors, including the type and word count of your content, the complexity of the subject matter, the specific English-speaking market you’re targeting, and any additional services you may require. As a rough guide, to localise 1,000 words of your content written in US English to suit a UK audience, you would be considering a price in the region of £50-75+VAT. Please contact us for an accurate quote.


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