This year, Wales’ National Eisteddfod will be taking place in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. Its nine day calendar, starting on Friday, 1 August, will see hundreds of people gathering from across the country to compete in a wide range of events, from singing to visual arts.

The National Eisteddfod is an annual cultural event that celebrates and encourages the use of the Welsh language. In 1861, Aberdare played host to the very first modern Eisteddfod and despite its recent financial difficulties, the National Eisteddfod continues to successfully travel the country every year, creating waves of Welsh culture awareness and patriotism.

The Eisteddfod brings people from all ages together in celebration of language, culture and traditions. Its strength lies in being able to offer a wide range of activities, from various competitions to stalls and concerts, attracting people from a variety of backgrounds, giving everyone an opportunity to dip their feet in a sea of Welsh culture.

The Eisteddfod’s success, however, is not limited to Wales. It is, in fact, an event that has reached other continents too. The US holds its very own West Coast Eisteddfod in which competitors are able to compete in both Welsh and English.  Welsh colonies in the southern tip of Argentina also celebrate their own version of the Eisteddfod in October, Eisteddfod y Wladfa, where people go to compete in a variety of events in both Welsh and Spanish, including a competition in translation. Its bilingualism attracts competitors from all over Argentina and beyond.

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