the language of dogsThere’s a new translator on the block that is trying to spread the word about the importance of understanding the language of dogs. Boffins in Sweden and Finland have worked tirelessly to invent a programme that enables owners to understand their canines in plain English.

The prototype is called “No More Woof” and it examines dog behaviour and thought processes to decipher and deliver their communications in real English. Developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, we can’t help but picture the chubby little hound with the translation collar in the Disney film “Up”.

Dog behavioural experts have highlighted why it is so important to be able to understand a dog. For example, many of us would assume that if a dog is wagging his tail he is happy. In fact, he could be angry, ready to attack or simply hot. Knowing which emotion he’s experiencing could help eliminate frustration and prevent attacks.

Another new fad that has been rolled out recently is tying a yellow ribbon on a dog’s collar. It allows owners to warn children in public places that their dog may not appreciate sudden movements or attention from strangers, and may react negatively.

With the launch of the translator, though, this won’t be a problem as the dog will be able to express ideas such as “Who are you?” and “I’m tired”. Which got us thinking about what would happen if a dog could text!

The Language of Dogs:

  • Dog: I’m worn out, been protecting the house all day, think you should pick me up sausages on your way home from work
  • Owner: There’s no need to protect the house, we have neighbourhood watch and an alarm. I’m not getting sausages
  • Dog: Is neighbourhood watch that man that keeps banging on the window telling me to “shut up”?
  • Owner: You’re keeping the neighbours awake?
  • Dog: No, I’m keeping the neighbourhood awake to protect our property. Now, where are my sausages?
  • Owner: You’ll get fat!
  • Dog: What’s fat?
  • Owner: When you eat too much, you grow bigger, get lazier and can’t move as fast.
  • Dog: Well, now the neighbourhood watch guy’s awake, let’s get fat, I like the sound of that!


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