Language Learning – Short Courses

We are very pleased to launch a series of new short courses. Building on our “Short Introduction to Office Welsh”, we will now be using the same format for French, German and Spanish. Other languages will be available soon, so please do let us know about your specific needs.

Each course is pitched at beginner level and lasts 10 hours (5 sessions of 2 hours each). The aim is to give you a taste of the language, specifically covering the following business topics:

  1. Introducing yourself and others in work
  2. Communicating and asking for names, telephone numbers and email addresses
  3. Showing business visitors around and offering refreshments
  4. Answering the phone and putting people through to the relevant departments
  5. A little bit of company chit-chat – this is an excellent way of breaking the ice before these all important meetings.

As with all our other courses, we can deliver lessons at your premises across Wales or further afield in the UK, or ours in Cardiff. Please do not hesitate to call us on 02920 667666 to find out more, or simply fill in our enquiry form at the bottom of our main language training page, by clicking here.

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