The Souls games created by FromSoftware have always been heavily centred around Celtic legend and have never shied away from using Welsh aspects in they’re games. In previous games the name ‘Gwyn’ or some variation of it has been used on several occasions and the latest entry in the Souls franchise is no different – but takes it one step further.

Gwyn Lord of Cinder | Dark Souls Wiki

Throughout the lands of Elden ring you’ll bump into various NPCs who can you talk to you and gain valuable information. In one land in particular you’re bump into a few characters who might sound familiar to those living in Wales. When in the part of the map called Liurnia you’ll speak with Ranni, as well as her underlings, Iji, the giant blacksmith, and Preceptor Seluvis, a sorcerer. These 3 all have Welsh accents!


The is one character in particular however who takes the Welsh theme one step further. Blaidd. Blaidd is the Welsh word for ‘Wolf’ and is a fitting name for the character. You can meet Blaidd early on in the game in the Mistwood but failing that you’ll bump into him down the line and have the chance to speak with the Wolf-man. It is also worth noting the pronunciation of Blaidd – they got it spot on and it’s the first time we can think of that the ‘dd’ sound the Welsh language uses has implemented in a video game properly – at least in a game as big as Elden Ring.



Elden Ring Blaidd


With so much to explore and discover we’re sure other Welsh easter eggs will be found before long, so keep an eye out for them!


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