How to Expand Your Business Through The Use of Language



Language and its effective application is one of the most useful tools in business. In the past, the use of additional languages may have provided a company with a slight edge over competition or been an HR perk for employees, but it is now essential for survival and expansion. To be successful in the current business climate, language can be integrated in a number of ways. These will influence and promote the successful expansion of a business into other countries and therefore provide access to a much larger market. Here are a few ways in which language can be used for maximum gain.

Website Translations

Most consumers prefer to browse and shop on web pages that are written in their first language. User experience: ease of use, convenience, and efficiency are given high importance by web designers and developers. Having the text available in the consumer’s first language will make them feel more comfortable and confident about browsing a website and will appreciate the added convenience. A website that cannot be fully understood or navigated without wasting the user’s time will be replaced by another site (your competition) that has considered the consumer’s needs.

The first thing to do when it comes to expanding into a new market is translate your website to a high professional standard in the relevant languages. Even if you are not considering expanding into a new country, consider whether you are reaching your full scope in your existing country. If your market is limited to the USA, consider the number of potential consumers whose first language are not English but are in fact Spanish. The same can be said for the UK, as the most recent census revealed that almost one in ten people do not speak English as their first language, and that Polish has become the most common non-native language spoken in the country.

Social Networking

Social networking via platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has, in recent years, become an extremely powerful method of online marketing. With the right campaign, you can gain incredible exposure by advertising online, but the choice of language is also important. Similar to the website case, users and potential customers are much more likely to interact with a Facebook Page when they fully understand the content.

Customer Service and Support

Language not only refers to the written word but also to speech.  When it comes to customer service and support, it is essential that your company communicates effectively and coherently with all customers. This means that bilingual members of the team are essential for dealing with specific requests, complaints and queries that will show customers that you are willing and ready to provide a constant quality service tailored to their needs.


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