Old PhoneNowadays, many businesses are opting to take advantage of larger market and expansion opportunities by extending the availability of their products or services in other countries. For many, this means hiring interpreters or bilingual staff members who are able to communicate clearly and effectively in all relevant languages. However, this is not always the most cost effective or beneficial method. For companies that occasionally require interpreters, a good alternative option may be telephone interpreters. There are a number of ways in which this solution can benefit businesses of all sizes and natures.


Cost Savings

Using telephone interpreters offers many benefits with regard to cost savings. Firstly, they don’t need to be full-time members of the team, but rather they can be employed when needed through companies specialising in this service or by freelancers focusing on this area of industry. In general, telephone interpreters are cheaper than in-house interpreters, but it is essential to research beforehand to ensure that a quality service is provided for the price charged.

Around the Clock Service

Emergencies can occur at any given moment, and international meetings and conferences sometimes have to be scheduled for less than ideal times. Telephone interpreters are available round the clock, which as a consequence means that awkward and embarrassing situations can be avoided, as you will always have a means of communication with customers, investors, business partners and any other important figures. In order to appear professional, telephone interpreters should always be easily contactable.

Access to a Huge Range of Languages

Telephone interpreters are based all around the world and are fluent in just about every language possible. Finding a local interpreter within a reasonable radius to your office who is able to speak the languages you desire is not always an easy task. If you do manage to find a suitable candidate, are they always going to be available at short notice and when required? However, you will always be able to find a quality telephone interpreter who is available and ready to step in and interpret your meeting.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Having the interpreter speak from a telephone during meetings and consultancies can increase the feeling of privacy and confidentiality, as the interpreter is less involved in the situation. Regarding medical consultancies or other potentially embarrassing cases, it can be highly beneficial having one less person in the room with you.

Fewer Language-Based Misunderstandings

Ultimately, using the services of a telephone interpreter will help to avoid language-based misunderstandings and encourage smoother business deals.  The other party will appreciate the extra effort taken to ensure that you can both be fully understood. It also ensures that meetings and deals are completed faster as both parties are able to talk directly, negotiate clearly and reach a final decision that is understood and agreed by everyone.

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