twitter translationGoing global is easier than ever in our Internet age, and these days many businesses start out targeting the world. Some find themselves in global demand by accident, as potential clients abroad connect with their websites or social media accounts.

In the UK, the range of languages in everyday use is becoming more and more diverse, making it more important than ever that we learn at least the basics of another to keep communication channels open. In the world of business, the key to good customer service is speaking the same language; without this, even the best intentions are hampered.

Twitter’s growth has slowed dramatically of late and they’re keen to get more businesses on board. They’re hoping to counteract this decline by offering language services. These new services will help people to reach foreign markets, to target people by language or location, and to be seen as conversant in their chosen language. They hope that this will attract more advertisers, but are limiting the language offering to twenty. Given that there are over 7,000 languages spoken around the world, this seems like a drop in the ocean.

This scheme could be beneficial to global growth; however, with such limitations on the languages being offered, it may just serve to improve communications in the country where the advertiser is based.

Advertising in multiple languages should be the norm, as it’s rare that any country speaks one alone. This would also encourage young people and adults to learn another language, which can be no bad thing as far as we’re concerned.

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