language quizHere’s a quick quiz to test your language knowledge. Do you know your Czech from your Serbian? Answer our questions to find out…

1) Which language is the fourth most spoken in the world?
2) Which language is the only one to have circles in its script?
3) How do you say I Love You in French?
4) What is an Eisteddfod?
5) How many languages are spoken in India (to the nearest hundred)?
6) Which European language is in danger of extinction?
7) Can you name the world’s oldest language?
8) Afrikaans has roots in Europe, but from which European country?
9) What is the official language of Costa Rica?
10) Which county in England has its own language?


1) Hindu
2) Korean
3) Je t’aime
4) A Welsh festival of poetry and music
5) 700
6) Irish Gaelic
7) Sanskrit
8) Holland
9) Spanish
10) Cornwall

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You obviously have a history with languages, whether you learned a second language at school or are self-taught. You could be brilliant with a little more training.


You live and breathe languages. You’re one of select few who can read a book in many languages and never worry if a film is subtitled. You have a natural talent. Well done!

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